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Personal Coaching

We are a result of our experiences in life and how we respond to them. We all are unique. Hence the solutions to our life are also unique. In a Personal Coaching scenario, we understand the individual first before deciding what to do with him/ her.

The intervention will depend on the brief given by the client and the first meeting with the candidate – Session Zero. The exact course of action, session details and the investment required will be given post Session Zero.

We keep it simple. We first identify the lags, the Image deficit and then we create a program which logically, emotionally & professionally looks to transform you through a variety of:

We also have some standard package in 1-2-1 consulting, however, they are tailor-made to suit your requirement.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling
  • Indian style scale and International style scale
  • How and when should you wear a Business suit
  • Everyday dressing at work
  • Professional saree draping
  • What not to wear at work
  • Art of corporate make up
  • Looking attractive
  • Art of accessorizing
  • Being more confident
  • Displaying the right body language
  • Building rapport
  • Understanding the behaviours of others at work
  • Getting work done
  • Global rules - Do's and don'ts while travelling in a foreign country
Color Speaks
  • Identify your personal colours – hair, skin, eyes
  • Identify the warm or cool colors that work for you
  • Select your colors based on personal colors to accentuate your strengths
  • Work with color combinations – accent and neutral colors; contrasts etc
  • Choose accessories – ties, ear rings, makeup shades - should one wear to work
  • Identify wardrobe neutral and accent colors in your wardrobe
  • Cluster clothes for business and personal life
Grooming & Makeup
  • Identify personal color
  • Essential grooming regimes for men and women
  • Make-up & grooming for corporate meetings
  • Make up & grooming for a cocktail party
  • Image makers and Image breakers
  • Products available in India – benefits
  • Hairstyles as per face shape
  • Accessories to match make-up
  • Shoes, belts, socks, bags, ties, watch, rings
  • how to coordinate all accessories stylishly
Being YOU
  • Know your Image Quotient
  • Wear clothes that suit your personal style – every line, pattern, fabric and color speaks about you
  • Know your personality and match your clothes with your Personality -
  • Look like an approachable or authoritative personality depending on the situation
  • Look powerful irrespective of your physical appearance
  • Match your accessories to your personality
  • Identify your unique style statement at work
Look Attractive
  • Identify your body shape and learn to dress attractively as per your shape
  • Identify your strengths and learn to highlight them
  • Identify body shape variations and learn to counter them
  • Appropriate and fantastic fits –correct lengths of trousers, skirts, kurtas, sareePallu& pleats
  • Using Accessories like scarves, ties, belts to look in ideal shape
  • Learn the style secrets for every shape
Corporate Etiquette
  • Communication rules in an office
  • Gender specific etiquette
  • Gender neutral etiquette
  • Body language essentials
  • General & Business etiquette
  • Corporate etiquette essentials for a leader
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* Due to confidentiality, names and pictures of the client is not disclosed.

"Thank you Nandita for working on me to ensure that I get noticed in the Global Board and get an International assignment for 5 years. Would like to appreciate your dedication to make my dream a reality."
-CXO – German Automotive

"Your coaching helped me identify the gaps that my seniors were able to see but not me. The weekly sessions helped me look at the situations differently. I was able to work on the gaps that stopped me from reaching the next level. I am very happy with the way you understood my need and also helped me reach my goal in a span of 5 months."
-IT professional - Bangalore

"After having lost in my business and personal relationship, I was rejected. Nandita’s coaching sessions helped me get my confidence back. I was able to my change my image not only in my own eyes but that of my family, friends and business associate. Thanks to her, I have opened an office in Delhi and Dubai and also got engaged."
-Mr. Singh – Business Owner